Wisdom Keys: Exposing your Authentic Self exposes your Authentic Potential

With four decades’ experience as a teacher, urban shaman, spiritual crisis counselor, intuitive life coach, astrologer, anthropologist, and now, philosopher of comparative religions, I am a Soul Whisperer and Wisdom Keeper. I am blessed to have the experiences and skills to be in service to adults of adverse childhood experiences and all those seeking deeper, effectively utilized Self-Knowledge.

The Wisdom Keys were initially conceived of because I'm an adult survivor of considerable childhood trauma. I persisted in working to understand what was going on inside the inherited box I couldn't break out of. The Keys then evolved to be a tool for adults of adverse childhood experiences, known as ACEs. Since the mid-80's there is much research and application of techniques to help prevent ACE's and help children in dramatic home environments. However, there is not yet much use of integrated therapies for adults of childhood traumas.

I survived multiple decades closed up within myself in secret suffering while researching and experimentally exploring every avenue I could find to “become” who I felt I was instead of the way I was based on my behaviors and emotions. It took more decades to figure out how I got to be in such misery, and how to uncover the authentic me. Fortunately, the authentic me turned out committed to helping those of you who also feel locked inside a “not-me” body.

Dr. Alice Miller wrote in the mid-80's that, "We live in a culture that encourages us not to take our own suffering seriously, but rather to make light of it or even laugh about it. What is more, this attitude is regarded as a virtue, and many people are proud of their lack of sensitivity toward their own fate and particularly toward their fate as a child."

A lack of sensitivity toward our own fate has its consequences and the work I've been doing confirms that. This lack of sensitivity touches me deeply, for when we lack the sensitivity toward our own childhood realities, we lack the capacity to monitor our emotions and behaviors and are poorly suited to manage or learn from them. Out of tune with our own experiences, we find it all the harder to attune to the experiences of others. Most people are not aware that the confusion, conflict, pain, and suffering in their lives is rooted in their childhood. Most people are not aware that they can create another reality.

As an expert on Self-Knowledge, I can affirm that liberation from pain and suffering begins with discovering your core beliefs. It is however, our core beliefs, our societal upbringing, and our barriers of the mind that make it difficult, if not impossible without assistance, to avoid treating our own children and all others the way we were treated unless we firmly resolve to identify the cause of our behaviors as deeply embedded in the history and genetics of our childhoods. Once we become conscious of our suffering we are in a position to redesign our perspective and create the life we crave and deserve.

The purpose of the Wisdom Keys is to bring to conscious awareness the source of your suffering.

Philosophically, the Wisdom Keys are not designed to unlock the “Truth.” The Wisdom Keys are designed to unlock your Truth. This system is to help you discover where your keys have been hidden within you, how to re-acquire them in order to see your experiences as gifts; gifts that you’ve unconsciously locked away due to misguided cultural, social, or parental perspectives enforcing additional pain and shame. Your keys are your tools for breaking out of your self-maintained box.

An intensely intimate relationship with your Inner Selves transforms suffering into a shadow and is cause for an evolution in consciousness. Imagine carrying practical keys that allow you to live your life based on one immutable Universal Truth:

You are an Infinite Being having a human experience.

With your commitment to your self, I can help you expose the confusion, suffering, pain, and terror you find yourself experiencing based on your childhood experiences.

Or we can spend sessions implanting the Keys for your personal growth and the development or your full potential.

I am an expert at exposing your authentic self, the selves buried under the parental upbringing, religious instructions, social conditioning, academic programming, and or corporate socialization. And as a teacher, I am eager to guide you to your Potential Self. Once you see the cause of your inner distress and follow the call of your own Inner Teacher, you are are free to experience fully and evolve into Authentic You.

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