“Rainbow came into my life just in time - I reached out to her when it seemed like nothing else in this world could help get me out of the massively depressed state that I had been struggling with for years. My body was deteriorating and I was losing hope, barely able to convince myself that getting up every morning was “worth it.” I didn’t feel like myself, and couldn’t stand to look in the mirror because I didn’t like or even recognize the person staring back at me. When I saw a friend post Rainbow’s info online, I jumped at the chance to work with her…I knew something in my life had to change and it had to come from within me…somehow. And I was hoping Rainbow could provide me with the tools I needed to break through all this mess. She has done that – and so much more.

Rainbow has helped me more in just a few months than thirteen years’ of endless medications (for bi-polar disorder), therapists and psychiatrists. Rather than having to mask the pain with meds, she guided me through digging up various traumas and working through them. I cannot thank her enough for helping me to finally grieve the loss of my mother, which happened 8 years ago. To be honest, I didn’t know HOW to grieve, or HOW to “let things go” before we started these sessions.

I learned a lot about myself and perceptions of the world, how damaging my inner dialogue was/can be, and how traumas and damaging self-talk were manifesting themselves in various health issues. I was terrified that people would be able to “see through me,” that at any moment everyone would realize I wasn’t smart enough, talented enough, etc. She taught me about “Imposter Syndrome,” and the more we worked together, the lighter and more confident I became in my own body and mind, and I began to recognize myself in the mirror again. I’m happy to say I haven’t had a single emotional breakdown since we began sessions months ago! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Rainbow to be able to finally live my life on my own terms, and embrace my authentic self every day. For the first time in many years, I feel like a weight has been lifted and I’m free to be MYSELF –unapologetically – and for that I am thankful.”   Michelle Ferrell, Elverson, PA November 2017


"I have been working on inner self-awareness with Dr. Rainbow Mooon since December 2016. Words cannot explain how much guidance for self-healing she has provided me with. What I have been learning is how I have been programmed with fears from childhood that did not belong to me. For example, I was told I had asthma; but only had four asthma attacks since I was diagnosed. One of the attacks occurred during a session in 2016 with Dr. Rainbow Mooon, where I was guided how to listen to my body and how to shut down my ego. With her guidance I was able to conquer that asthma attack with self-healing without medical attention. Since that day I have had no lung problems. I also was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) years ago. With this disease that was programmed in me by medical doctors, my cycle was off every month or I would not have one. With this guidance of inner awareness I have been able to keep my hormones balanced and been having my monthly menstrual cycle every 28 days on full moons without birth control. Our bodies are made to heal themselves and with the guidance from Dr. Rainbow Mooon I will master inner self awareness and live a life full of bliss."~~Breonna Kellogg, April 2017

"Rainbow helped me explore my family relations as a reflection of myself. I found the sessions I had with Dr. Mooon to be profound and deeply moving. I am forever changed by our work together."

~~Tena O’Hara 13 August 2016


Pantheist vs Religion Debates
photo from forgiveness project

Wisdom Keys -- "Beyond the Astral Aura" -- Jul 2014

"Very insightful and informative. A lot of information to absorb, but all of it necessary. Great tools for transformation." ~~Tina Lyle

"Looked forward to going through this workshop; and having done so I have a better understanding of some of the causes that created obstacles and problems in my life. There has been a shift! Thank you." ~~Robyn Nichols

"I loved it! I loved the group and the material. I do believe I am much freer now to achieve my goals. Your teaching is at its best and most powerful when you apply the concepts to real life experiences." ~~Tena O'Hara

"Patent information. Feels like I have a Spirit map to marrying my Divine." ~~Yeshe Chodron

"Incredible experience. A little heavy on left brain info but plenty of breaks. Yes, I feel I have a better understanding of some of the causes that had created obstacles and problems in my life." ~~Linda VanBibber

"In depth and beneficial in bringing the big picture a little more in focus with clarity and awareness. Tied loose ends together. Yes, I believe I am much freer now to achieve my goals and aspirations."  ~~Ursula Tizon

Wisdom Keys -- "To See is to be Free" -- Oct 2013

"Very helpful, informative. Needed for over all well-being for all. I needed the reminder to be aware of my awareness; that I am not my "back story." I am bigger than it. The five paranatal stages clarified how I adopted my parental visions and they are NOT mine. Thank you." ~~Linda Dean-Kennedy

"Fabulous. I loved learning about the chakras and the science that backs it up. I needed an overall concept of this energy and the workshop gave me that. Great overview and I didn't have enough time to mine the depths of the awareness. This unlocked the door and I need to widen the crack and breakthrough. Thank you for your time, energy, passion, knowledge, love, and care!" ~~Lori Dean

"All I have at this moment is I am awe-inspired to learn to heal. Yes, I feel I have a better understanding of some of the causes and beliefs that had created obstacles in my life. Thank you for this." ~~Elfie Eigenschenk

"Mother freakin awesome! Loved the science. Soon you will be taking this nationwide and launching the book. OMG, I feel I have a better understanding of the causes and beliefs that created obstacles and problems in my life. Bliss. Bless you for listening and for teaching." ~~Paul Goldman

"It was a wonderful deepening process. I feel so much lighter and free-er. I think this workshop was fabulous. If I need a one-on-one session I will call. Thank you for your process to bring this to us." ~~Dawn Goldman

"I feel like my chakras are open and I have a better understanding of how they 'work'. It was an awesome workshop." ~~Antoinette Denney

"Very deep healing process. Lots to take in and process. Will be processing for some time. I feel much freer with greater understanding, awareness, and tools that I can use in my everyday world." ~~Ellen Burle

"This is a very unique presentation plus experiential workshop. I have come away with a deeper understanding of past childhood experiences and how they effect my present. I want to continue to work with this idea." ~~Janalea Hoffman

"Enlightening. Brought out some items that were stuck. Learned a lot about root and sacral chakras that helped open some pathways. The workshop definitely makes me feel freer. It prompted some floorboards being lifted to process deeper. I'm grateful for you, for everyone here, and for life." ~~Cheryl Costello

"Incredible and eye-opening. Allowed for hidden traumas and aspects to surface and be 'seen'. I feel much freer now. I am fearless. I have a voice. I CAN do it! The flow and time in nature was perfection. Except for the 'big words' it was all awesome. ~~Ursula Tizon

"Loved the whole day -- the flow, the location, the fellow journey-ers. I opened myself to the unknown of it and feel freed up, and more able to remain centered and authentic." ~~June Holte