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It is my hope that you are ready to discover more about how you can become a Postmodern Person, openly admitting that you are ready to awaken within yourself the integral philosophy that promotes the Gifts of Adversity as experienced through understanding emotional chaos and the nature of fractals without the legacy of physical, emotional or psychological suffering.

Think about it for just a moment. When you let go of your preprogrammed judgmentalism and look around at all that Nature offers even withstanding the damage we do as toddler beings, you must admit the beauty all around us takes your breath away. Without warning you can experience a random scene of beauty that leaves you awe-struck. From panoramic views of the galaxies to scenes of the oceans kissing the shores, from fauna engulfed flora to the depths of life in gem-enriched caves, from glorious stalactites buried in hidden chambers to soaring flocks of brilliant flapping flamingos, all of nature is exquisite. Even earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and tornadoes have an utterly amazing natural beauty about them.

So how is it that millions of folks have decided to believe the god that created the Beauty all around us, as well as All That Is, would actually consider humanity as inherently filled with the ugly of sin and insist that “Life is for Suffering?” If humans are made in the image of god, how can folks possibly believe in any god that condemns them for being born and insists on suffering as penance for living?

Now that you understand that you’ve been taught linear-thinking, linear reality as the What Is, and why, let me let me discuss the integral services I offer and how they can transcend the linear lifestyle you’ve been living.

Below is a brief outline of the Integral Philosophy course that I offer. The three modules aren’t meant to tell you much. How could they? That would be too linear. They are meant to give your brain a fractal point from which to imagine the depth each module can zoom into and through. It is a hint of the possibilities. The three modules roughly define the three days of the Experiential Event and are an overview of the Course and the lecture.

Mind, Emotions, and Consciousness – The Beauty in Chaos

  1. MIND: Fractal Origination – The Original Grid – Self-Discovery
    • Architecture of the Soul
    • Beyond Duality are Parallel Realities
    • Death as a Reflection of Living
  2. EMOTIONS: Fractal Coherence – DNA, the Brain, and Memory – Self Awareness
    • No Past, No Future: DNA is Proof
    • Personal Identity is Virtual Software
    • Co-Creator of Reality
  3. CONSCIOUSNESS: Fractal Evolution – The Full Matrix – Self-Enrichment
    • Health, Habits and Heritage
    • Blueprint of the Ego
    • Persistence of Resistance
    • From Trauma to Triumph!
    • From Drama to Dharma: Change of Perspective changes everything

The words above are an outline of the philosophy of inner engineering that I offer, but they’re just words (a whiff of the program) without demonstrating the experience of what the words symbolize. Those words are only to entice you to have the experience. The Experiential Events, the twelve-week Course, and the 1:1 sessions are dynamic adventures. A permanent shift in your perspective on life requires a self-sustaining mode of memory that literally shifts the alleles in your DNA. And THAT is my Mission.

So, to get you started, whether or not you book a lecture, the Event, the Course or 1:1 sessions, I want to gift you with three Wisdom Keys for shifting your perspective and inviting your brain to expand beyond the five percent use you’ve been limiting it to. Working with these Keys can instigate an expansive personal opening to your Postmodern Self.

3 Wisdom Keys to Shift Your Perspective

  1. FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION: You are where your attention is! However, you’ve been taught to focus on duality and visible dimensions of reality. Focus your attention on the Matrix of Fractals found almost everywhere in Nature. Look at flowers, vegetables, trees, leaves, rocks, dirt, snow, and etc. Study the functions of your body and discover how you survive because of the fractals in your brain, heart, lungs, blood cells, and on and on. Play with following your thoughts as an exercise in zooming through a Mandelbrot Set. Practice zooming in and out of malicious “thought-brot sets” and begin creating excitingly beauteous mental pathways. Most importantly, stop believing everything racing through your head is yours. Thoughts are like the air we breathe. The air and the thoughts you receive are shared by everyone and everything around you. If a butterfly’s wings can alter the air around it enough to impact a tornado in another country, how can you continue to believe your thoughts are exclusive to your brain? We exchange thoughts as easily as we exchange the air around us. And any number of occurrences, emotions, words, or natural phenomenon (like a butterfly) can send your thoughts into a tsunami, hurricane, or volcano fractal mode. Being able to naturally harness your attention (your will) gives you the powerful potential for the psychological/emotional balance to live the Beauty Way.

  1. INTERROGATE YOUR BELIEFS: You consciously or unconsciously create your reality based upon the beliefs you hold about yourself, your place in space, your fit in your communities. By the time you were nine years old you’d been programmed by your family, teachers, and neighborhood to be who you are. You’ve been socialized on how to fit in, and sadly given projected expectations of who you’d become. You were taught early what to think, when to think it, and how to express your thinking, or not. For most survivors of ACEs, you’ve probably been fed ancestral, intergenerational lies. If you’ve become aware that you are blindly following in the footprints of your ancestors, you are living a Mandelbrot Set of your parents’ lives and teaching your children to do the same. If the beliefs you’ve been given lead you to believe you’re ever and only a darkly wounded being surviving in a doom and gloomy world, consider zooming into a newly self-designed Mandelbrot-Belief Set to replace the zombie apocalypse fractals you’ve inherited. It doesn’t matter what your reality is, if it isn’t serving you supremely well, you can immediately experience a new reality when you renovate the fractals of your beliefs.

  1. CEASE JUDGMENTS: Forming judgments and expressing them, as we do all day long rather nonchalantly, is based on linear thinking. Is our opinion, our judgment actually a cause-and-effect fact, a What Is? Begin paying attention to how you judge darn near everything and everyone about stuff you have no reason to be offering any judgment on. And don’t quibble about the subtleties of “discernment” and “preferences” as why you can’t resist judging. Create small signs (for refrigerator door, bathroom mirror, or rear-view mirror in car) that remind you that you are really judging you as you pretend one finger pointing at them doesn’t leave three pointing back at you. Those of us who have survived ACEs tend to judge as we had been judged. To quit judging means you emotionally remember what being judged was like. To quit judging means you have the opportunity to see your vulnerabilities with hidden deep compassion. It makes sense to self-replicate your innocent aspects, those parts longing to be free of judgment even from within. It doesn’t make sense to hide your self-judgment from yourself. Judging yourself is a form of self-defacement – a cheap suicide of sorts. Judging is going on all around us at home, work, and play. Don’t participate. You have the opportunity to see their self-criticism in their verbalizing. And in seeing their self-inflicted judgments, you see your own. See the Beauty in everything around you; beauty is a perspective after all, in the Eye of the Beholder.

Whether you prefer a “show and tell” lecture or the Experiential Event, I take groups on adventures into their personal matrix where they witness and explore their own Mandelbrot Set and soar within their own unique personality fractals. The Experiential Event and 1:1 sessions are designed to foist you into consciously non-linear (fractal) experiences by journeying inward – inner journey work, inner engineering. You can think of the Experiential Events as “falling down the Rabbit Hole.” Or maybe a little like a highly organized dream; one in which you awaken fully aware of a radically transformed perspective on life.

What you’ll gain from your investment 

  • A radically transformed perspective on life. Because perspective depends on mental content, emotional integrity, and conscious awareness, you will recognize an immediate shift in perspective and your experience of life.
  • You’ll be more open to the Gifts of Adversity out of the complexity of Chaos which come when you recognize chaos is an opportunity, not the source of your problems.
  • You’ll know how to move in and out of your old programming to find gratitude for all of your experiences and a renewed appreciation for who you are because of your adversities.
  • Though necessarily inclusive, my programs are designed especially for survivors of ACEs and PTSD, and folks unconsciously hiding from themselves.
  • Even as histories worldwide are being overturned and rewritten, you’ll return from the Experiential Events ready to review, rewrite, recycle, reuse, restore, refine, or re-purpose your take on your present incarnation. You will be prepared, within the fractal of time, to live as a postmodern being.
  • Then you, like me, will eagerly want to contaminate everyone you meet with your unconditional Love, your brilliantly radiant sense of inner Peace, and your unceasing limitless Joy. Imagine that.

* * * * * * * * *

My services are deeply rooted in my early childhood suffering eased by an abiding desire to help others, exacerbated by years of experience in adapting consumer psychology to the trends of fashion and the entertainment industry (1972), refined by my studies in metaphysics at the Kansas City School of Metaphysics with extensive studies in astrology and cosmology (1976). After years of preparation, I integrated my previous skills and knowledge with my initiation as an urban shaman (1986) utilizing rituals in nature, meditation based on quantum physics, and hypnosis to aid individuals through the maze of their emotional manipulation and ill-gotten mental beliefs.

While continuing to deconstruct the source of human suffering, since clearly it had nothing to do with the devil or some culturally bound idea of evil, I rerouted everything and returned to academia (2002) to study psychology, anthropology, evolution, and the history of religions and philosophy. After graduating in 2013 with my doctorate in Comparative Religions I began to fine tune all that I’d experienced and selected the concepts, activities, and beliefs that I found would actually help people shift their perspective on life and living. I’ve spent my life designing this course as a method for non-linear-thinking and I’m eager to teach it to you.

Are you ready to be a part of my mission?

JOIN my campaign to transform the world with you at the front of the line. Try doing this: Start a conversation with friends and co-workers about fractals. Tell them why you’re bringing it up; ask them what they think about non-linear living. Feel free to share my website or contact information. It won’t take you long to put together a group ready to jump into their multi-dimensional reality and play in the fractals of their own inner beauty.

To schedule My Services or obtain more information for your business or yourself, to begin your awakening to your Postmodern Self, CONTACT me today.

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