I’d like to talk to you about one of the successes that I’ve experienced with the clients who come because they want to establish a sense of their own inner authenticity. And that isn’t easy when you’ve come through a really devastating childhood. The story that comes to mind is a story about a girl named Tex, because she was originally from Texas, who had moved to the Kansas city area in grade school. I think she said she was about 9 or so when she had begun experiencing a lot of abuse from a step father. It was happening for a couple of years – no one was listening to her pleas – and she wasn’t sure her mother knew or not.

What happened is that her body had manifested an ovarian cyst, which of course is relatively unusual for an 11 year old. But the surgery was performed and the abuse continued. And so, moving forward in time I met her in her mid-thirties. She had already had 16 surgeries on the ovarian area. She’d also been in a relationship and now had 3 children. These operations were wreaking havoc on her life and when she called me, she explained that she was willing to do whatever it took to not keep having to have the surgeries.

Back then I didn’t have just a regular 90 minute session. My sessions were set up for us to work through whatever was necessary. We worked for 8 hours. She listened. She absorbed. We took breaks. She re-oriented her way of thinking right before my eyes. And she began allowing all the abuse to melt away. She began to allow herself to forgive. She began to accept that she wasn’t the cause of the abuse. She was working to heal and she was doing it right then and there.

We started in the late morning and the sun was setting. When she asked if she could just use the restroom real quick, I thought I needed to stand up and take a break myself. But what was really amazing is when she returned from the restroom, she was glowing. I mean this was not the same person! She was leaping out of her skin with joy! She said, “It’s gone! It’s gone!”

I’m staring at her with a surprised look on my face, “What do you mean?”

She had already shown me the cyst right there on the side of her crotch – it was the size of a small fist. And when she took my hand to place it there – there was no cyst! I was stunned but so happy for her! See, I can’t take credit for these things. All I do is guide the individual through her own dark maze. And she did not quit. So many clients can’t make it all the way through but she hung in there.

That wasn’t the end of the trauma – but she and I cried! She called her daughter from the house – I mean it was a time of celebration! But on Monday, when she showed up at the hospital to get checked to make sure that what we sensed what she had done was truly a success story. Needless to say, the doctor had a hissy fit! I mean he began accusing nurses and technicians of wasting his time.

“How could she have had a cyst a week ago and it’s gone?”

She laughed in his face! She was so overjoyed! Sometimes because of our traumas and how our chronic diseases begin to latch on to our bodies, we fall into the trap of thinking the medical profession is what we need. What we need is to change our core beliefs. And this woman Tex, is one of the most incredible success stories I have. I have not had a client since who is that willing to travel all the way through the darkest parts of her life to heal because she did not want to have that seventeenth operation.

So…. if you can look into where you are right now in your life, and you’re really tired of the chronic suffering and pain – Give me a call. If you’ve done everything you could think of and everything other people have recommended, and you believe that maybe you’re ready – Give me a call. Let’s see if together, we can take you to an authentic part of yourself that you never even imagined. Let’s you and I find a way to move you out of your pain and suffering to help you see that all the adversity that you’ve been through is a gift that you just hadn’t figured out how to use yet. Give me a call when you’re ready to talk – I look forward to hearing from you. Namaste.

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