1 on 1 Private Sessions

The Wisdom Keys are best acquired through 1:1 Sessions because Dr. Mooon can work with your specific and unique needs from exactly where you are. This is accomplished in person or by phone. Because the private sessions are intimately experiential they offer you the most effective personal transformations and inner insight.

There are three basic types of 1:1 Sessions.
One-time-only session for an individual who needs immediate Keys for a specific, but non-traumatic situation. The introductory session can also become a one-time-only session.

Scheduled sessions for the Wisdom Keys curriculum to further and deepen Self-Knowledge.

Scheduled sessions for individuals ready to work through their ACEs or other self-sabotage.

It is recommended new self-seekers set up an introductory session to meet Dr. Mooon and get a taste of what they can expect from the Wisdom Keys for Self-Knowledge or to inquire on some specific issue rattling their life and demanding their attention.

For those who are ready to get to work exposing their inherited addictions, health blockages, chronic emotional pain, and blast through to their authentic potential, you begin with the series of sessions after the initial assessment session if it is decided we can effectively work together.

The initial 90-minute assessment session determines if that session would then be followed by further consecutive weekly 90-minute sessions which include homework and specific experiential exercises or readings. How many weeks and which module is determined in the initial assessment. This is currently the most effective method for deliberate acquisition of your own personal Wisdom Keys.